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Welcome to Al Allam

Al Allam cleaning services have been dispensing professional cleaning service for both the residential and commercial cleaning sectors in Doha, Qatar ever since 2010. Ever since then we have been adding newer services to our canon in order to take into account the changing demands and requirements of consumers. With our array of experts, who‘ve had years of experience in providing quality facility management to a multitude of clients, and a crew of professional maids and employees who have shown their merit in their respective departments, you are looking at an establishment possessing enormous talent, a tenacious drive and ambition to become the leading provider of cleaning services and facility management in the entire Doha region and eventually Qatar itself.

Our Services

House Cleaning
Packers and movers
Janitorial services
Pest control services
Residential cleaning
Office cleaning
Steam cleaning
Babysitting services
Laundry and ironing

House Cleaning

When we dispense residential cleaning services, instead of giving an appearance of cleanliness where the floors and walls appear pristine, our services put emphasis on making the environment truly clean and radiate an aura of positivity so that when you re-occupy the space once our cleaning is done, you will absolutely rejuvenated and filled to the brim with a positive feeling that will enable you to go about the rest of your time with exhilaration and vivacity. Our promise extends beyond cleanliness; it is towards the quality of life.

House Cleaning Video

Packers and Movers

Al Allam packers and movers are one of the foremost moving companies operating in Qatar, and we have facilitated several successful transitions in the area for house moving and commercial moving and this has made us into experts. Al Allam packers and movers are experts in this field. We have over the years, through our experience, have become expert movers. We have safely done relocation for your belongings without anything getting lost in the process or anything being broken. Packing and moving is an especially tough job to do.

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Janitorial Services

In today’s environment, janitorial services don't mean the same; it is different from the way it is usually depicted on the television – it is not just someone who comes to place and mops the floor. The new global scene has caused the scope of the janitorial services to expand, and cleaning companies who provide janitorial services have changed them as well. That being said, janitorial services are the services that you need to outsource because with that burden off your shoulders.

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Pest Control Services

These days you can never be certain about how you are going to get a pest infestation or what sort of pest it will be. It is certain though that when you do get a pest infection, it could really be a serious problem where the spread will not be contained; therefore it is better if you were to get yourself pest control services so that it is possible for your space to come back to normalcy. Al Allam pest control services are excellent at providing pest control services.

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Residential Cleaning

A house or home is a place where everyone comes to find rest and create bonds with the rest of the members of the family. When you see that the place is not brimming dust and debris, so you would naturally get discouraged. Al Allam has maids who are expert trained and experienced and extremely good with their equipment. Their deft skill with keen insights will have your house cleaned to perfection. Our residential cleaning service is consummate and can be availed by anyone here in Dubai.

Residential Cleaning Video

Office Cleaning

Our services don’t end with residents; we are able to extend our distinct services to the commercial sector. From retail stores, corporate buildings, and hotels to full-scale industries and hospitals, our team of maids will do according to how they are told, once you give them the instructions and your vision of how you would like your property to be cleaned.You will see our maids using the same set of skills that they had in the residential cleaning, and effectively purging the commercial spaces of any contaminants.

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Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is a perfect way for you to purge all the stains and contaminants that have tarnished the furniture and other objects that have been subject to a lot of usages. Sometimes normal methods will not be enough for you to eliminate all the stains and things that have slowly accumulated, and with help from our professional cleaners, the cleaning will be smooth and total. Of course, steam cleaning is a versatile cleaning method and can be used equally for any environment

Steam Cleaning Video

Babysitting Services

These days it is almost impossible for you to find the right person to trust with your kids. But, you will eventually find yourself having to make the choice to hire someone because you would have other priorities such as work, social meetings, and emergencies, and your children cannot be trusted to keep themselves under control right. Al Allam has the right personnel who can be trusted with your children to safeguard them from any dangers as well as to nurture their growth.

Babysitting Services Video

Laundry and Ironing

At Allam, we have a lot of experts, who are having a great deal of expertise about all types of clothing material, and they possess the deftness of touch in their techniques to not only cleanse your clothes to be shimmering but to also have it immaculately ironed without a flaw. The dry cleaning and ironing will be conducted according to the highest standards, and then we will have your perfected laundry packed in plastic sacks, and have it delivered to your home as if it is newly out of the box.

Laundry and Ironing Services

Why Choose Us ?

Every Job is Personal

When you call upon us to do the service that you’d asked us, we do it with a uniquely personalized manner.

Best Materials

You would not need to worry about the resources used in doing our jobs, for they are state of the art and safe.

Professional Standards

We have trained our employees and maids to hold up the highest standard of service possible in every job they are dispensing.

100% Quality

Our customer service has what it takes to give you the best experience during the service and after the service has been provided, every time.

Exciting Careers

If you are looking for an exciting career in the cleaning industry then we have one for you

We present you the opportunity to work with us. Our institution is on the precipice of becoming an expert organisation that will be able to take over a large portion of the residential and commercial cleaning market in the region of Doha, Qatar. When you become a recruit of Al Allam Cleaning Services W.L.L. you will be able to experience vast opportunities in building your career as a service provider. You will have the opportunities to fine tune your skills by trying out the different services that we offer to your clients. You can choose the prospective career yourself and shift when you feel like you can use your skills better in another service. What is guaranteed is that you will have resources and be given fair remuneration if you can prove yourselves.

Client Testimonials


Jane Smith

21 February 2016 / UAE

Al Allam cleaning's steam cleaning service really helped me clean my carpet to perfection.

After what they’d done with the rug, it looked as if it was brand new.

Al Allam cleaning’s steam cleaning service really helped me clean my carpet to perfection. After what they’d done with the rug, it looked as if it was brand new.

Al Allam really delivers on their word. They do! First of all, they were punctual and came

right on time. Secondly, I could communicate the kind of cleaning that I’d wanted

with them and they would do accordingly.

21 February 2016 / UAE

Abdul Battuta

Abdul Battuta

21 February 2016 / UAE

Al Allam really delivers on their word. They do! First of all, they were punctual and came right on time. Secondly, I could communicate the kind of cleaning that I’d wanted with them and they would do accordingly.